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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Indoor Air Quality inspections begin with a phone discussion about your concerns, including health symptoms, (asthma, allergies, headaches, etc.); details about your property; (crawlspace, floor coverings, etc.) and events (leaks, odors, visible mold, excess dust, etc.). Air Allergen is most often able to schedule an appointment the same day or within 1 day of your inquiry.


During an inspection, air, dust, water, or surface samples can be to determine what level of mold, allergens, bacteria, or chemicals are present, what to do about it, and how to best manage Indoor Air Quality in the future.

Each Standard Inspection Report includes:

  1. A table of contents and information about how the report is organized for ease of reading and understanding.
  2. What is identified in the lab analysis for each sample and the quantity?
  3. Guidelines and charts to interpret lab analysis for each type of sample;
  4. The significance of the sample results;
  5. The inspector’s observations for each sampled area;
  6. Suggestions to improve the inspected areas when appropriate;
  7. Guidance for maintaining future indoor air quality;
  8. Concluding remarks and cautions;
  9. Information about how guidelines were established;
  10. Remediation guidance and safety precautions if remediation is considered;
  11. Studies in support of good indoor air quality;
  12. Each microbial lab report includes one or more microphotographs of what was found in the samples.

The Express Report:

To provide a low-cost alternative for clients who need only mold spore air or surface sample results without inspector’s observations or phone support, Air Allergen offers an Express Report that contains only the sample analysis, comparison chart, and generic information. The Express Report is computer generated at the time the samples are analyzed and sent directly from the lab, shortening the turnaround time significantly.

This report is designed for remediators needing post-remediation sampling or buyers who need air sample results quickly without a full inspection. If necessary, an Express Report can later be updated to include the inspector’s observations, suggestions, and phone support.

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